New EU project will use NorMIT!

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New EU project will use NorMIT!

7. September 2016

The new EU project HiPerNav (High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation) will use NorMIT’s research platform for navigation and NorMIT’s infrastructure in general. HiPerNav was allocated just under 40 million NOK in funding, over a period of 4 years. It is coordinated by Ole Jakob Elle the leader of the Department for technological research at the Intervention Centre at Oslo University. The consortium consists of 14 participating organisations from leading European universities, hospitals and industry partners. Sixteen PhD’s will develop tomorrow’s navigation system for laparoscopic surgery. In addition to Oslo University who acts as project coordinator, both SINTEF and NTNU are project partners on the Norwegian side. The project will develop new technological methods to simplify the use and improve the accuracy of surgical navigation. All the developed methods will be integrated into NorMIT’s research platform. The most promising methods will also be integrated into a commercial product at one of the industrial partners (Cascination). Navigation systems with new functionality will be clinically validated by surgeon Bjørn Edwin at the Intervention Centre.

From left to right: Professor and radiologist Per Kristian Hol, technologist Ole Jakob Elle, PhD and professor and surgeon Bjørn Edwin

The navigation system (displayed on the monitor to the right)