Tomorrow’s surgery starts here

The Norwegian center for Minimally Invasive Image Guided Therapy and medical technologies, NorMIT, is an infrastructure that will contribute to increased research and innovation in medical technology with an emphasis on minimally invasive and image-guided therapy.
NorMIT offers a wide range of modern operating rooms with advanced medical and technological equipment to users with relevant research activities. Researchers from Norway can have access to the infrastructure and can develop tomorrow’s diagnosis and treatment methods. All publications that use the infrastructure should acknowledge this. Choose a suitable text from: acknowledgement
NorMIT is a collaboration between the Operating Room of the Future (FOR) at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim and the Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital (OUS). The operating theatres are physically located in Trondheim and Oslo.
NorMIT wants to offer better and safer treatment methods, with fewer complications and days in the hospital for patients, as well as cost effective solutions for the healthcare sector and society. Expectations in the surgical field are major.

“Advanced imaging technology should be able to present the right information to the surgeon
in a straightforward and simple manner, tailored to the individual surgeon and the patient. “

X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound and other medical imaging devices provide different information. By fusing this information, it is easier to set a precise diagnosis. The images can also provide support for navigation of surgical instruments, image guidance along the way and to evaluate the outcome of the procedure. In NorMIT, medical research is interconnected with the development of software tools to acquire and present medical images. Modern keyhole surgery (laparoscopy), vascular surgery with use of catheters (endovascular methods) and ultrasound-guided brain surgery are examples of methods that use modern medical technology. Tomorrow’s surgical methods must be developed – and in NorMIT you can apply for access to the operating room in relation to your research project.