Here you can download the NorMIT platform!

NorMIT Intraoperative Image Guided Surgery (IGS)

We have continuous nightly builds, but it’s recommended to use the numbered releases which have been through our full release procedure. The numbers are read like this: Year.Month. Under each release you find the downloads for the supported platforms.

The newest version is 18.04. See the changes here: Release notes.

Executables, user documentation and developer documentation is available here:

NorMIT-Nav releases

  • Documentation:

User documentation
Developer documentation

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  • Test Data


NorMIT Preoperative planning open source research platform

NorMIT preoperative planning is developed by the Image Processing Visualization and Navigation group at IVS.

NorMIT-Plan releases

  • Extension Source Code


For more information please contact Ole Jakob Elle at the intervention centre (