The main task for NorMIT is research related to the infrastructure for image guided minimally invasive treatment and navigation technology. NorMIT’s area of interest also includes research and development of  logistics, workflow, communication, organisation and transfer of high-resolution images.

Contact us at an early stage
Please contact us early, preferably during the project’s design phase, so that we can assist you in specifying relevant requirements for the project, equipment and costs associated with your research.

From NorMIT’s total budget of 250 million NOK,  52 million NOK was received from the Research Council. The rest of the funds come from the project owners, participants and deductibles (i.e. user fees) from research activities. The research projects are only charged “their share” of the investment, i.e. only for the equipment used, and the time the equipment is used. These are costs that must be included in the research project’s total budget, therefore please contact us early, so that together we can find the right costs for your project.

Ethical approval
Before projects can get assigned time in operating rooms, they must be approved by the regional ethical committee (REK). Further information regarding REK can be found at:

Research at all levels
In our operating rooms research at all levels can be performed; this includes master’s theses and doctoral research as well as long-term research programs. Both Norwegian and foreign researchers and institutions can take benefit of the NorMIT infrastructure.