Water Conditioner AQUAS-10

Name Water Conditioner
Description AQUAS-10
Manufacturer ONDA corporation
Serial number N/A
Location ISB
Notes The AQUAS-10 is a complete water conditioner designed for use with ultrasound measurements in compliance with Technical Report IEC 62781. Because the quality of acoustic measurement can be significantly affected by various impurities - such as dissolved gases, deionized compounds, suspended particulates, and biological contaminants - a water treatment system is critical. The AQUAS-10 controls each of these factors in a fully integrated simple-to-use system.

-Simply installation for use with ultrasound measurement system
-Degasses water to remove undesired bubbles that perturb the acoustic field
-Deionizes water to minimize electrical noise received by hydrophone
-Removes suspended particles that scatter ultrasound
-Removes biological contaminants that pose as a health risk
-Remote power switch easily turns the water pump ON and OFF
-Transparent removable front panel quickly determines maintenance needs
-Replace particle and DI filters in less than 15 minutes
-Water sensor safeguards against any leaks
-Compact portable design fits under standard laboratory bench