Intra-operative ultrasound BK 5000

Name Intra-operative ultrasound
Description BK 5000
Manufacturer BK Ultrasound
Serial number N/A
Location Neurosurgery
Notes INFO: A sterilization fee of approximately 220 NOK / probe will be added when the system is used in the OR. Please contact us for further details.

Designed For Simplicity

The all-new design of the bk5000 will give you the real-time guidance you need in the OR, seamlessly fitting into the rhythm of the team. With an emphasis on what matters, the screen and transducer, the bk5000 was purposely designed to be a natural extension of your capabilities. Ensuring that your absolute focus is never disrupted, so you get help finding exactly what you're looking for.

Carefully Guided Second Sight

The superior image quality on the bk5000 will provide you the carefully guided second sight you need the instant your transducer touches the anatomy of interest. Reinforcing your confidence with black and white certainty in living color. Focus on what you need to see. Act on what you need to do. All at the speed of sound.

Specialized Tools Made Especially For You

With its new array of eight highly specialized surgical transducers, the bk5000 turns technology into an intuitive tool that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Supporting clinical applications like colorectal, neuro, general and robotic-assisted surgery, no anatomy is out of your sight or out of your reach. A greater sense of control to enhance your power to see.


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