Varden G-35 3.5/0.35 MHz dual band probe

Name Varden G-35
Description 3.5/0.35 MHz dual band probe
Manufacturer Vermon
Serial number N/A
Location ISB
Notes High Frequency (HF) transducer
Center frequency: 3.5 MHz
Number of elements: 128
Minimum bandwidth: 3.2 dB, 80%
Element pitch, azimuth: 450 µm
Element height, elevation: 13 mm
Elevation lens focus: 80.00 mm

Low Frequency (LF) transducer
Center frequency: 0.35 MHz
Number of elements: 48
Minimum bandwidth: 0.18 dB, 50%
Element pitch, azimuth: 1.350 mm
Element height, elevation: 10 mm
Elevation lens focus: N/A

All arrays are centered on the azimuthal and elevational midlines of the transducer and have an equal number of inactive elements flanking them on either side. The LF elements are positioned 1.5 mm above and below the HF array in elevation with 48 LF elements on either side.