Verasonics Vantage 256 Research scanner

Name Verasonics Vantage 256
Description Research scanner
Manufacturer Verasonics Ltd
Serial number 987654
Location ISB
Notes Ultrasound research system, with real-time channel data transfer and processing capabilities. Features:
-256 Transmit channels/ 256 Receive channels
-Universal Transducer Adaptor with dual 260-pin connectors
-External HIFU power supply
-Extended Transmit Option (when external power supply is connected
-PCI Express cable and PCI express PC interface card
-Performance Host Controller - includes installation of PCI express adapter card; installation offirmware and drivers; custom configuration of BIOS; loading of VERASONICS software including HAL, VSX, example scripts and licenses; thorough testing of the entire configuration


Brochure_Vantage.pdfBrochureVerasonics Vantage - System Brochure and Specifications